In November, Ayodhya Airport is scheduled to Commence Its Domestic Flight Operations

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It has been announced that domestic flight operations are anticipated to commence at the Ayodhya International Airport in November.

Vinod Kumar, the director of Ayodhya airport, shared that the initial phase of the airport's construction is on track for completion by October. Currently, the progress on the terminal building stands at 25%, and the airport authorities are diligently working to expedite its construction to meet the impending deadline for the initiation of domestic flight services. This development marks a significant milestone in the ongoing efforts to establish Ayodhya as a key aviation hub in the region, with the airport poised to play a pivotal role in enhancing connectivity and accessibility for travelers.


The Ayodhya airport has completed the construction of a 2200-meter-long runway during its initial phase. In the upcoming second phase of development, the runway will be extended to a length of 3125 meters. Subsequently, during the third phase, further expansion is planned, extending the runway to 3750 meters. The commencement of international flight operations is anticipated upon the successful completion of this third phase, signifying a significant milestone in the airport's progress and its readiness to accommodate international air travel.

Kumar said that the Airport authority will apply to the DGCA for permission to start flights once the terminal building to complete  in October the DGCA will inspect the airport and then the grant permission to start flights


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