Delta Air Lines Announces Flight Academy

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Delta aims to train and hire over 5,000 new pilots through the Propel program by the end of the decade.

On March 21, Delta Air Lines announced the launch of a new career pathway option via Propel Fight Academy, aimed at training and hiring more pilots as the airline industry works to rebound from the pandemic. 

The initiative is in partnership with skyborne airline academy, a pilot training provider. This is the fourth pathway launched under Propel. 

The academy will offer a comprehensive pilot training program, including classroom instruction and hands-on experience in Delta’s fleet of aircraft. Delta aims to train and hire over 5,000 new pilots through the Propel program by the end of the decade. The Propel Flight Academy will open in June 2023 in Vero Beach, Florida, and students can receive up to $20K in funding. 

Delta Air Lines' announcement of the Flight Academy benefit for student careers:

  • Initiative Introduction: Delta Air Lines has introduced a new initiative called the "Flight Academy."

  • Student Career Focus: The Flight Academy initiative is designed to benefit students in terms of their career aspirations.

  • Pilot Training Opportunity: Under this program, students will have the opportunity to receive pilot training.

  • Financial Support: Along with pilot training, the initiative will also provide financial assistance to students.

  • Path to Becoming a Pilot: The Flight Academy will help students pursue a path towards becoming pilots.

  • Enhanced Career Options: By offering pilot training and financial aid, Delta Air Lines aims to enhance students' career options in the aviation industry.

  • Investment in Future Talent: This initiative represents Delta Air Lines' investment in nurturing and developing future talent in the field of aviation.

  • Long-Term Impact: The Flight Academy benefit is expected to have a positive and long-lasting impact on students' career trajectories.

  • Collaborative Approach: Delta Air Lines is taking a collaborative approach by providing training and support to students interested in aviation careers.

  • Professional Development: Through this initiative, Delta is contributing to the professional development of students pursuing aviation-related careers.

  • Broadening Opportunities: By offering a Flight Academy benefit, Delta Air Lines is broadening the opportunities available to students interested in aviation.

  • Industry Contribution: This initiative showcases Delta's commitment to contributing to the growth and development of the aviation industry by nurturing young talent.

  • Empowering Aspirations: Delta's Flight Academy benefit empowers students to pursue their aspirations in the aviation field by providing training and financial aid.

  • Holistic Support: The initiative offers a holistic approach by combining training and financial assistance to support students' journey towards becoming pilots.

  • Promotion of Diversity: Initiatives like the Flight Academy also contribute to promoting diversity and inclusion within the aviation sector.

  • Skills Enhancement: The program aims to enhance students' skills and knowledge, making them more competitive in the aviation job market.

  • Industry Engagement: Delta Air Lines' Flight Academy benefit demonstrates the airline's active engagement in fostering and nurturing talent within the aviation industry.


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