Delhi International Airport Limited has ensured that Delhi airport is fully equipped with extensive aircraft parking facilities

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On Saturday, the Delhi International Airport Ltd (DIAL), led by the GMR Group, announced that airlines have made requests to cancel a total of 80 domestic flights departing and another 80 arriving flights over a span of three days, commencing from September 8. This is in relation to the upcoming G20 Summit scheduled to take place in the capital city.

The people in charge of the Delhi airport want everyone to know that they are fully ready for the G20 Summit. They have a lot of space for airplanes to park while the summit is happening.

The Delhi International Airport Ltd (DIAL), spearheaded by the GMR Group, reveal on Saturday that airlines have submitted requests to cancel 80 departing and an equal number of arriving domestic flights spanning three days starting September 8 for the G20 Summit to be held in the national capital. write in different words.

"We take immense pride in India's role as the host of the G20 Summit 2023. Current news on cancellation of flights has no linkage to parking of aircraft. We have already provided the required parking. Decisions on cancellations have been taken by airlines possibly in light of traffic restrictions due to the G20 Summit," DIAL said in a statement.

"We want to make sure all travelers know that Delhi airport has plenty of space for airplanes to park. Until now, airlines have asked to cancel around 80 flights leaving and 80 flights coming to Delhi over three days. This is only about 6% of the usual number of domestic flights at the airport. These restrictions won't affect international flights," they said. 

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