Air India Express is planning to hire 350 new pilots.

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Air India Express, which is a low-cost airline owned by the Tata group, is getting ready to add 350 new pilots. These pilots are currently undergoing training. This will nearly double the total number of pilots working for the airline. Right now, they have 400 pilots, but with these new additions, they'll have almost 800 pilots in total. This expansion indicates the airline's plans to grow and improve its services.

These new pilot additions are happening during a time when the airline industry is going through one of its most challenging periods due to a shortage of pilots. The industry is facing difficulties in finding and hiring enough pilots to meet its needs, making these additions to Air India Express even more significant.

The increase in the number of pilots is part of Air India Express's plan to grow its pilot pool significantly. They aim to go from having 400 pilots to having between 800 to 900 pilots over the next year. Aloke Singh, who is the managing director of Air India Express, shared this information. This expansion in the number of pilots is a key part of the airline's strategy for the future.

Air India Express, which will shortly see full integration of AirAsia India into itself, is aiming to double its domestic market share to 15% over the next five years. In the short haul international sector, the airline is aiming to hit 20% market share in 5 years as compared to 11%.

“These are not lofty targets but completely doable. These are fairly robust targets,” Singh added.

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